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Solving Ash Handling Problems

Integrated, Custom-Designed,
Mechanical Ash Handling Systems

Wet Ash Handling SystemsWet Ash Handling: A refractory-lined bottom ash chute forms the boiler seal and directs bottom ash to the water-filled upper compartment of the submerged chain conveyor.

There, ash is cooled, conveyed, and dewatered for storage or transport. Bottom ash conveyors are available in varying sizes and capacities ranging from under 5TPH to over 50TPH.

Dry Ash Conveying SystemsDry Ash Conveying: Totally enclosed, dust-tight, air-tight dry drag chain conveyors receive fly ash through seal valves or mate directly to fly ash hoppers.

Available with single-strand and double-strand chain, top or bottom conveying configurations, horizontal or inclined conveyors up to 35° incline, over 200 ft in length. Water jacketed conveyor troughs allow conveying and cooling of ash at temperatures over 1500°F.

ash conditioning systemsAsh Conditioning: Twin-shaft paddle type fly ash conditioning systems used for wetting and mixing of ash and other dusty, abrasive materials.

Variable-speed rotary feeder precisely meters ash flow. Totally enclosed twin-shaft mixer uses low speed counter-rotating mixing action to thoroughly blend and mix ash as it is moistened by wetting sprays. Sizes from 5TPH to over 300TPH.

Ash Storage SystemsAsh Storage: Shop-assembled or field-welded surge bins and storage silos.

From 150 feet to over 30,000 feet, including mechanical or pneumatic silo extraction systems, level detection, fire- and explosion- suppression systems.



Mixer Unloader Systems
For wetting and mixing of ash and other dusty, abrasive materials for industrial and utility scale dust control systems:

Also available are customized designs to solve difficult retrofit situations.

Bottom Ash ConveyorsBottom Ash Conveyors
Continuous collection and dewatering of bottom ash and coarse abrasive materials. AshTech submerged bottom ash conveyor are used by utilities and industry for:

Conveyors capacities from under 5TPH to over 50TPH. Conveyor widths range from 2 feet to over 6 feet, with conveyor lengths up to a maximum of 200 feet. System retrofits can be accomplished with as little as 3 feet clearance under furnace outlet.

Dry Ash ConveyorsDry Ash Conveyors
Dust-Tight, Air-Tight Conveying
of Dry Abrasive Material

AshTech's totally enclosed chain conveyors are used for a wide range of conveying applications, including fly ash, FGD effluent, coal dust, lime, dewatered bottom ash, fluid bed boiler ash, and other difficult materials.

Configurations available for a wide range of feed and discharge requirements. Elevation of materials up to 35° incline, conveying distances of 200 feet or more, conveying capacities over 50TPH.