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Zeeco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of process and boiler burners, flare systems, thermal oxidizers, and flare gas recovery equipment. 

Zeeco also supplies direct replacement parts and service for competitors’ equipment, including flare tips, flare pilots, and flare parts, burners, burner parts, and burner pilots, ignitions systems, control systems, and emissions systems. 

Zeeco prides itself on the company’s combustion experience, quick turnarounds for quotes, and top-notch diagnostics and service.   

Zeeco_combustion_research_and_development.jpgWith headquarters near Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, Zeeco has more than 20 international locations, four strategically located manufacturing facilities, and more than 1,300 employees and agents.

Zeeco has one of the world’s largest combustion products research and development centers and has thousands of installations on virtually every continent.