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Dry Filtration Baghouses


  • Pulse Jet
  • Reverse Air
  • Mechanical Shaker
  • Reverse Pulse
  • Cartridge

Amerair manufactures a complete line of standard and custom baghouses for general ventilation and hot gas process operations.

Pulse-Jet Baghouses feature both 5" and 6" diameter bag designs. Depending on the size of the installation requirements, high pressure standard bag technology or medium pressure long bag technology can be selected to create the best solution both technically and financially in initial and long-term operating cost.

Reverse-Air Baghouses are provided in both structural and welded plate construction for all of the various available bag diameter and lengths. The 12" diameter design is generally applicable when the gas volume to be cleaned is in excess of 300,000 ACFM. The reverse-air baghouse can be the best choice for many large metallurgical applications.

Mechanical Shaker Baghouses are predominately used on difficult metallurgical applications where no other method of bag cleaning is sufficient for the service. Amerair's shaker baghouses are supplied in all-welded, factory-constructed modules — reducing the cost of field installation.

Both low pressure reverse pulse as well as pulse-jet cartridge collectors are available for a broad range of specialty applications across a number of different industries.

Semi-Dry Acid Gas Scrubbing Systems


Amerair Industries has a complete selection of acid gas and particulate removal systems for waste combustion, steam and power generation, ferrous and non ferrous metals, cement and rock products, incineration, and other specialty industrial applications.

Amerair’s semi-dry acid gas control systems provide a comprehensive solution to acid gas and particulate control with several possible reagents. 

When considering the use of pebble lime or hydrated lime as the primary reagent, Amerair’s complete system approach offers all of the necessary critical internal systems to assure reliable, efficient, and cost effective operation, including:

  • Thousands of hours of reliable operation of the dual-fluid nozzle spray drying reaction vessel, delivering the desired flow and reagent distribution required for effective acid gas control
  • Expertly-designed lime storage and delivery systems
  • State-of-the-art vertical ball mill slaking systems when required by the size of the installation
  • Reliable reagent slurry mixing and pumping
  • Superior medium and high pressure pulse-jet baghouse design

Amerair’s subsystems precisely control the slurry flow, the dilution water, and the compressed air and slurry mixing in the dual fluid nozzle system. The results are a consistently uniform size of the spray droplet across the entire range of flue gas temperatures and acid gas concentration levels.

Dry Injection Scrubbing Systems


Amerair offers very economical control solutions for emissions of hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, bromides, mercury, furans and dioxins. 

Depending upon the effluent and its concentration in the gas stream, removal efficiencies can vary widely from fifty to the high ninety percent range. Amerair has good experience with several reagents in absorbing the desired effluent, including:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Sodium Sesquicarbonate
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Dry powder activated carbon

Amerair's experience with hot gas processes where these effluents are present allows accurate assessment of the dry injection system's performance, including:

  • Stoichiometric ratio of reagent to effluent for desired removal efficiency
  • Reagent utilization factor
  • Proper handing of reagent in system
  • Proper introduction of reagent to achieve best removal efficiency
  • Proper design of baghouse collection to insure good distribution and reagent effectiveness

Combination Semi-Dry & Wet Acid Gas


Amerair combines its semi-dry and wet scrubbing capabilities and experience to provide a highly efficient acid gas scrubbing system alternative to the extreme complexity and expense of large, wet limestone scrubbing systems. 

SO2 scrubbing efficiencies of 95% to 99%+ can be achieved for systems burning high sulfur coal. This system provides even better removal efficiencies for hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride.

The benefits offered by this system design approach are:

  • Higher acid gas removal efficiency than that of conventional dry or semi-dry systems
  • Zero liquid effluent discharge from system
  • Simplicity of system operation
  • No complex slurry clarification and water treatment requirements
  • Economical capital cost of system
  • Competitive operating cost of system

Wet Scrubbers


Amerair manufactures a complete line of wet scrubbers for particulate control, gas absorption, and heat recovery: 

  • Venturi
  • Tray
  • Spray & Packed Towers
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Wet Dynamic
  • Mobile Gas Absorbers

Amerair wet scrubbers tackle the most difficult applications, using a combination of customized technologies to achieve the desired outlet emissions for the following industries:

  • Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Industrial Power and Steam Generation
  • Incineration
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • And Several Other Process Industries

Cyclone Collectors


  • Medium Pressure Drop Pre-Cleaners
  • Low Density Material Cyclone
  • High Efficiency Single Bank Cyclone
  • High Efficiency Multi Bank Cyclone

Amerair provides custom-designed cyclone configurations to meet specific customer application requirements for maximum efficiency, minimal pressure drop, and optimized collector footprint and placement. 

Cyclones in single or multiple unit configurations are available in a variety of steel construction materials, including carbon, abrasion resistant, stainless, and other alloys. A number of different linings can be supplied for abrasive or high temperature service.

Heat Exchangers


Direct Contact Heat Recovery: Amerair has a complete line of direct contact heat exchangers that are designed to recover heat from process waste gases and transfer this valuable heat to process slurries or plant water heating systems. 

  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Air/Gas Tubular
  • Water/Slurry Direct Contact

Amerair's direct contact heat exchangers can be applied to hot process emission controls systems utilizing any type of particulate control device. Process water or slurries — having solids content as great as 65% — have been successfully heated creating substantial annual energy savings. 

Typical installations include:

  • Spray/packed tower on steam boilers to heat boiler feedwater
  • Spray dryers to heat slurry prior to drying

Gas Cooling: Amerair's direct contact heat exchangers can also be used to reduce process gas temperatures to specified levels. By reducing the gas volume and condensing water vapor, the horsepower required by a downstream fan can be reduced up to 40% in many applications. 

For example, a spray/packed tower to reduce downstream gas volumes from basic oxygen furnaces and cupolas can save more than 1,000 BHP.

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