The industry leader in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) since 1960, Ershigs is recognized for delivering the highest quality of corrosion resistant products and services worldwide. Maintaining a long history of unmatched products and services, Ershigs is distinguished by expert design/engineering, quality manufacturing and professional installation of custom products. And, the service doesn’t end there – we follow up after project completion and deliver turnkey solutions for your maintenance needs & future modifications. Save time, save money – get the job done by the true industry professionals.

Key Industries Served

Power/Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)
Metals & Mining
Pulp & Paper
Chemical Processing
Industrial Water/Waste Water



FRP Piping systems for corrosive and abrasive applications have been widespread within the industry for more than 50 years. FRP piping has superior corrosion resistance when compared to metallic piping and can be more economical than the stainless, titanium and high nickel alloy alternatives.  That is why industries such as Pulp & Paper, Mining, Chemical Processing, Water, Power & FGD have successfully chosen to utilize FRP piping in their process systems.

Chemical Service and Water Service Piping

Ershigs designs, manufactures and installs custom FRP Piping systems for a wide range of configurations and conditions to include:

  • Sizes range from 1”ID through 168”ID
  • Full range of flanges, reducers, elbows and fittings
  • Filament wound, contact molded and infusion construction
  • Pressure ratings from 25 psig through 250 psig
  • Full vacuum
  • Above ground and below ground applications
  • Joint configurations include butt and wrap, adhesive, flanged, Vanstone style flange, O-ring bell and spigot
  • Ershigs E-Lock O-ring bell and spigot joint with internal locking ring
  • Anchors, hangers and supports (reference our metal division page)

Abrasion Resistant Piping

Ershigs Stopline-G2 Abrasion Resistant Piping System leads the way in applications which require transfer or distribution of chemicals and/or reagents containing slurries or sediments. Ershigs Stopline-G2 Piping systems include the configurations and conditions noted above. In addition, Ershigs Stopline-G2 Piping incorporates:

  • A proven and tested Silicone Carbide formulation in the corrosion/erosion barrier matrix
  • Modified corrosion/erosion barrier thickness options for high wear areas

At Ershigs, you find the highest quality products, and a highly skilled team with knowledge and experience to provide you the best project solutions and applications.



Shop Size Tanks and Vessels (up to 16’ID)

Tanks, vessels and scrubbers are designed to handle a wide variety of dynamic, hydrostatic loads and chemical environments. Such processing systems also find use as absorbers, de-misters, air strippers and bleach towers. Ershigs offers you the most customized and flexible production and delivery processes available today.

Typical tank and tower systems, including the supplemental components, can be fabricated in virtually any shape or configuration, demonstrating the flexibility inherent with FRP composites. Using our proprietary technology, Ershigs has the ability to manufacture systems in our plant then transport them safely to your site.  For larger installations, we have the unique ability to build on-site to your exact specifications.